Through the years our drivers became multiple experienced, international operating
   chauffeurs who are used to working with  a great variety of customers. They speak
   various languages, besides Dutch and English also German and they are capable of
   giving  more  than  just  standard  information.  Excellent behaviour and outrageous
   servitude are keywords to us in our profession.

                  -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
                  From: Airxx - xxx []
                  Sent: maandag 7 juni 2004 10:27
                  To: Captain Kapteyn
                  Subject: transfer June 2004

                  Dear Paul,
                  Thank you so much for your best transfer on Saturday.
                  Our crew were very impressed about your professional service, especially
                  driving with the car direct to the airplane.
                  As soon as we'll have a further request for transfer in Amsterdam, we will
                  come back to you...
                  Do you already have an idea of the total costs for your service?
                  It would be nice of you to give me your total charges in advance via e-mail,
                  so it will be better for me to calculate to my customer.
                  Thanks in advance & best wishes from Germany,

                  Anke xx
                  Tel. 0049 12345
                  Fax. 0049 12345